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Cheré Botha School

School Program

At Cheré Botha School we believe all children can learn. We follow the DCAPS curriculum.

Home Program

We offer a special service to parents with children who are not in school yet. Here we help you and your child to develop many different skills.


We have 3 classrooms in our Aftercare facility. You can apply to have your child in our aftercare in the afternoons after school.

Welcome to Cheré Botha School

Welcome to Cheré Botha School

A beacon of inclusivity and compassion nestled in the heart of Oak Glen, Cape Town. Our school takes pride in providing a nurturing and supportive educational environment for learners with Autism, Down Syndrome, and other Severe Intellectual Disabilities (SID). At Cheré Botha, we believe in the extraordinary potential within each child, and our dedicated team of teachers and therapists work collaboratively to unlock their unique abilities. 

Our commitment extends beyond academics; we strive to create a safe and welcoming space where every child can thrive and grow. Explore our website to discover the warmth, dedication, and community that define the Cheré Botha School experience.

Aftercare Classrooms

Elective Subjects

- Where we have fun while learning some practical skills -

Maintenance Classes

Maintenance is a study of various interrelated skills in the maintenance sector such as health and safety, cleaning and good housekeeping. 

We focus on practical activities where learners obtain skills which they can use at home.

Hospitality Studies

Hospitality Studies is the study of various interrelated themes in the hospitality industry such as food production, food and beverage services, hygiene and safety, cleaning and housekeeping, client service as well as communication skills. The subject will equip the learners with skills to prepare a range of different recipes and meal, serve food, set tables for different meals, as well as how to perform these tasks at home.

Arts & Crafts

The Art and Crafts learning programme explores knowledge and understanding of a variety of materials, techniques and work processes, from developing ideas and solving problems, to the production of creative works of art. Art and Crafts awaken the creative powers in each learner. 

This creativity can be applied in all spheres in later life and work.                          

- Our Events -

Hope to see you there!

Market Day

Saturday 2 March 2024

Bring your family and friends and support our Market Day! 

There will be a variety of things to eat and many different stalls. Our learners will bring some entertainment with their special

This is an event you do not want to miss out on!

Parent Fun Days

10 & 17 February 2024

Come join in with the fun at our Parent Fun Days!
Here we create a safe space for our families to get to know each other and partake in some fun activities.

C-Block: 10 February 2024                                                          B-Block: 17 February 2024
E-Block: 17 February 2024                                                            F-Block: 17 February 2024

We can’t wait to see you there!

- Our School Concert 2023 -

- Our Gallery -

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